Flightlog - 1-100 missions
100 Combat-missions

This is a brief "diary" of my first 100 R/C combat missions. Maybe it can interest some of you new pilots out there...

#1. At the Scandinavian battle 1990. I was equipped with a J22 (Swedish WWII design), powered by an Irvine 20. The A/C was a success, but I was immediately after take-off under severe radio-interference from a nearby radio-station (35MHz, ch.64). I eventually tried to land the fighter, but lost control at 2 meters of altitude, and crashed it behind a hill. Wings broken.

#2. Still at the Scandinavian battle, with my spare J22. The engine didn't run very well, so the first take off ended in the concrete runway.

#3. The last try at the Scandinavians. We got the J22 airborne, but it showed that the aileron-servo was loose after the concrete-crash, so I had almost no aileron-control. Succeeded in flying a few minutes though, and eventually landed the fighter in a fence.

#4. Scandinavian Battle 1992, at Barkarby, Stockholm. Flew one fight with a J22, against among others Rune Nessen who flew a Spitfire.

(Flew many Dogfight-shows during 1990-92, for instance at Mönsterås, Västervik and Ripa).

#5. The first real Swedish contest, back in 1992, at Ripa. I met another J22 in the air, in close combat. Two more fighters should have joined the fight, but they crashed or never got airborne. Just one fight, then most fighters were in no condition to fly.

#6. 1993. A good contest at Ripa, with six contestants. I still flew the old J22 but had problems with it, because it started to fall into pieces.

#7. At this point my right aileron didn't work at all. Tried to turn anyhow, and it went OK.

#8. Two Russian MiGs chased me, but I tricked them to collide with each other. Should have been a tough final, but my engine quit at take-off, and the landing broke my engine-mount.

#9. Premiere for my new Hawker Typhoon, against Norwegians at the Scandinavian battle of 1993 (Upplands Väsby, coinciding with Barkarby). Nothing exceptional happened though.

#10. First fight with my new MiG-3, at Emmaboda-Contest. Ended in crash due to pilot error.

#11. Back to Typhoon. Lost a bit of my streamer to a MiG-3. Quite windy, but the Typhoon flew steady.

#12. Routine fight. No cuts or mid-airs.

#13. Final, flown with Typhoon. Got a hit on an ME109, which eventually spun down and crashed. First kill! Also won the contest.

#14. New contest at Ronneby/Johannishus, but still flying the old Typhoon. Routine fight.

#15. Another routine fight.

#16. Cut whole of enemy MiG's streamer, and got it stuck around the wingtip. The Typhoon got a little slow in manouvres, and everbody latched on to it. Eventually an ME109 made a head-to-head, and both planes went down. Second kill.

#17. Very windy contest, at Ripa. Made a bad landing behind the safetyline, due to engine-troubles. Flown aircraft? Typhoon of course...

#18. Another go, but still engine-trouble. This time the Typhoon ended in front of a colossal bull! (It was probably a big cow with horns, but anyhow scary to fetch the model).

#19. Better luck with the engine, and I got a clear cut on an ME109.

#20. Routine fight. Nothing in particular happened to me, but the fight around me was hard.

#21. First flight with my Mustang design in contest, at Lund. Ended after an engine-failure in a down-wind pass in a fatal spin.

#22. Typhoon again. Engine-trouble, but no fatal results.

#23. Made a side-wind landing with a dead engine, and managed to get the Typhoon airborne again during the same fight.

#24. Made a cut on a Mustang, but was myself cut immediately after.

#25. Flew a MiG-3 in the Norwegian champs. Collided with a P-47, but both A/C remained airborne. The wingtip and wing of my MiG was damaged, but it was repairable during the time in-between fights.

#26. Routine fight. Chased a twin-engined P-38 like a madman, but didn't get it.

#27. Routine fight.

#28. The day after. Got cut by a P-47 from below. I never saw him...

#29. Engine-failure and down-wind landing led to that I lost control of my MiG and landed it behind the safetyline.

#30. New contest, Sölvesborg. Very windy. Had trouble just staying airborne.

#31. The wing of my MiG snapped out of its cradle, and thus I suddenly had a negative alfa on my fighter. Nothing to do - nose buried 15 cm in the earth.

#32. Flying the old Typhoon again, I managed to cut a bit of an ME109's streamer. The wing of the Typhoon broke on landing, but I managed to repair it during the break before the final.

#33. Aiming for the Messerschmitt, I got another clear cut at it, with some of its streamer attached to my engine-compartment.

#34. 1994. Ripa-contest.The first fight with new equipment. Flew a Leikvold P-47 Thunderbolt, powered by an Irvine 20. Was chasing after a Corsair that had engine trouble, flying at low altitude (less than 8 meters).

#35. Routine fight.

#36. Had a real tight fight with a japanese Ki-84 Hayate. No results of the fight, though.

#37. Finals. Tough fighting, but no cuts.

#38. Upplands-Väsby, coinciding with Barkarby-contest. Really good weather, for a change. Chased after everything that flew and got one cut on enemy A/C.

#39. Made another cut on enemy A/C.

#40. Routine fight.

#41. Hit an FW190A-8, which rolled down out of control. Kill! Not a scratch on the P-47. Also made two cut on enemy A/C. A real killer-fight!

#42. First made a cut on opponents fighter. Then collided with an FW190D-9, both down in flames. Kill to both. After that I should have flown finals, but crashed on take-off...

(Flew Dogfight-show at Swedish airforce F17 Wing air-show, before full-scale planes started their show. TV4 was there filming, we were on TV that night. We had made a crazy car-drive: First drive all night to Stockholm/Upplands-Väsby to fight all day, then drive all night back home, then sleep 3-4 hours, then go to fly at this show…)

#43. Emmaboda - the worst contest I've flown! Eight pilots at the same time, flying to kill... Collided with an italian Reggiane fighter, loosing my P-47. The Re-fighter went down also, so both of us got a kill. That made me an ACE with five kills.

#44. I changed to my P51D Mustang, and tried to avoid mid-airs. Everyone else seemed to collide during this fight. 3 out of 8 fighters down. I managed to make a cut on a Corsair, before he was shot down.

#45. Two pilots collided shortly after take-off. I lost my streamer, but the Mustang that cut it got my streamer wrapped up around the engine, so that it stopped.

#46. The final was more or less routine. Everyone chased my streamer, but I wasn't cut.

#47. Scandinavian champs, Gothenburg/Torslanda. I flew my Mustang, and collided in the first fight. My engine died, and I tried to land within the homing area, but missed due to the hard winds.

#48. Routine fight.

#49. Another routine fight. Actually, nothing in particular happened to me.

#50. The day after (Swedish football-team took bronze in World champs night before). I have problems with the engine, and my Mustang is no real killer this day.

#51. I get cut, 5 meters of my streamer is missing.

#52. Sölvesborg - the hottest contest I've visited! Engines died due to pure heat! I collided with a Mustang, none of us crashed, both continued to fly. I also cut streamer off another Mustang. The P-47 showed that it is a very stable fighter.

#53. Routine fight. Everyone is chasing after me because I have lead ing points.

#54. Another routine fight.

#55. A Corsair managed to cut my streamer, but I won the contest anyhow.

#56. Swedish champs, Åtvidaberg. The old P-47 made its last flight, crashing into a Ki-84 bringing both planes down in flames. Kill, but a sad one... I also managed to make a cut before the mid-air.

#57. First contest flight with my new P-39 design. Flew OK, but had engine trouble.

#58. Made a cut. Lost the P-39 due to radio-trouble. Probably bad NiCads.

#59. Flew the Mustang. Lost all streamer.

#60. Routine fight.

#61. Finals. Lost 9 meters to enemy fighter.

(Show in Germany (Neustadt-Glewe). Not a very tight fight, and I had engine trouble with my Mustang).

#62. A real looser contest, at Lund. The first two fights, I didn't even succeed in flying a mission! In the third fight, I at least managed to stay airborne for 1,5 minutes. No finals this time...

#63. This years last fight was to be a team competition, at Ripa. My first fight wasn't any good, and the engine died after a few seconds.

#64. When I got airborne, I aimed for the enemy japanese Ki-84 Hayate with my P-39, and made a real killer-collision with it. The Ki-84 spun down and crashed.
My wing was knocked backwards in the collision, so that I only had aileron-response to the left. After three 360 degree turns, I managed to land at the 15 meter wide homing area. Kill to me, but not to the Ki-84 pilot!

#65. The Ki-84 pilot was now out for revenge, and cut half my streamer. We lost the team-competition, but it was sure fun!

#66. First contest of 1995, at Ripa. The worst weather conditions I ever saw! At this contest, my helmet actually blew off my head, and when on the ground, continued to move away from me, due to the hard wind! In test flight, I could land my P-39 vertically, from 20 meters of altitude, due to the hard wind. It was hard enough
staying airborne during this fight.

#67. Had engine trouble. Besides, it also rained, and snowed, at the same time, while we were flying. Lost one meter of streamer, don't know if it was cut, or lost anyway.

#68. More engine trouble. The P-39 broke on landing, which was quite rough.

#69. Had to switch to my FW190D-9, as I made it to finals. Made a short flight, and had engine-trouble (again).

#70. Halmstad-contest. Flew my Jak-1. Routine fight. Windy weather.

#71. Routine fight.

#72. Lost my Jak on take-off, due to a helpers bad throw. Had no chance, really...

#73. A new windy contest, at Uppsala this time. Lost my Jak-1 once again, due to engine-failure in down-wind pass.

#74. Flew the FW190D-9. The wing-mounting gave way as I throwed the fighter into the air. I decided to land immediately, and didn't have the time to repair it before the fight ended.

#75. Flew the old P-39. Was OK really, but nothing happened.

#76. Upplands-Väsby coinciding with Barkarby contest, lots of pilots, some Norwegians. Flew my new P-47, but nothing happened. Routine.

#77. The P-47 crashed on take-off. Fixed it, and got airborne again. Nothing else happened though.

#78. The elevator servo malfunctions in a sharp bend at 20-30 meter of altitude. The P-47 digs a big hole in the ground. End of flying.

#79. Midsummer contest in Denmark. Engine trouble. OS15 in the old P-39.

#80. Routine fight.

#81. Loose sight of my P-39 after 180 degree turn. The fighter I'm controlling isn't my own! When I "find" my P-39 again, it is in a straight dive 10-20 meters above the ground! I manage to get her up, and fly on the right side of the safetyline by just a few meters.

#82. Routine fight.

#83. Swedish champs, Norrköping (common nationals for all of model-aviation). I flew the P-39. Not a success.

#84. Switched to my new Fox powered Mustang. Quite nice flying, but nothing happened.

#85. Had to switch back to the P-39, as the engine mount on the Mustang broke. Engine-trouble and a worn out fighter made this a very tiresome fight.

#86. The day after (again). I repaired the Mustang, and this fight turned out fine with a cut on a enemy fighter.

#87. Chasing after a novice fighter-pilot, I never saw the FW190A that came up from the right and crashed into my Mustang. Both planes down. Half a kill to us both. End of champs - no final for me.

#88. Scandinavian champs. Flew my Fox powered FW190D-9. Quite windy. I chased around like a madman, but no cuts.

#89. Still no cuts.

#90. Another routine fight.

#91. The day after. I made one cut, and shortly after a Mustang hit me and made my FW190 crash.

#92. Switched to my ME109E. Made a cut, and the streamer latched on to my wingtip. The "messer" then became quite uncontrollable, and knif-edged into some large trees.

#93. Made it to the finals, and repaired my Messer. The wing was repaired with paper... Lost sight of my fighter when flying through the sun, and it flew straight at me, in the sun, and when I took control of it, it had flown behind the safetyline! After that the Messer became harder and harder to control. I guess it was due to the
bad repairs. Eventually, I crashed it onto homing-area, after a spin that was hard to recover. End of champs.

#94. Helsingborg-contest. After having smacked my Zero fighter at take-off, I had to switch to my old Mustang, which I recently had repaired. The Mustang flew, but the engine didn't run well, so it was no real fight for me.

#95. The same goes for this fight. Eventually crashed the Mustang on landing, when the throttle locked, and I couldn't get the fighter down, nor fly it out...

#96. Last contest of the year, at Karlskrona/Eagle hill. Flew the old Typhoon. Worked fine, but nothing much happened during the initial fight.

#97. First I made a cut on enemy fighter, and then a Mustang flew through my right outer wing. Nothing to do, but to try to make the fighter crash onto homing-area, which I succeded in doing.

#98. Flew my new Yak-9 fighter. Flew well, but I missed and overshot, thus giving a Mustang the opportunity to cut all of my streamer, which he did.

#99. Finals. The Yak-9 fought good, but nothing happened. Ended up third, anyhow.

#100 First Aircombat contest ever, at Eagle Hill, Karlskrona. Flew Yak-9, my design.

And now - what happens the next 100 missions???